Ready. Set. Launch. Intro

These first set of drills..titled Ready, Set, Launch are going to cover the first stage of the swing focusing on hitters getting to what I call a great Launch Position. 

These drills are going to focus on helping hitters start in a good stance & setup and maintain good posture throughout the entire process of loading, gathering and striding. 

I work with a lot of hitters that because they don’t get to a good launch position even if they have great swings they aren’t able to have consistent success because of it. 

There are many hitters out there that struggle with being able to maintain a good posture and get to a good launch position. I work with a lot of younger and older hitters that struggle with dropping their hands, collapsing their back sides and just having overall posture issues getting to launch. You know these players because their parents or third base coaches are yelling at them during games to not drop their hands or dip their shoulders. 

All of the drills in this series will help hitters to get to a great launch position and engrain the muscle memory needed to be able to focus on other elements of their swing. 

If you want to get to the same type of launch position as guys like Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout and more then this set of drills will help you get there.