My Next 41 Years

As the sun sets on my 41st Birthday and the house is quiet, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned over the last 41 years and my goals for my 42nd year and beyond.

Time…Why You Punish Me?

The biggest lesson learned is that time is our greatest commodity. It goes by so fast. We all know that it does, we all act like it doesn’t. Then a close family member dies, or we look at our children and ask “How did they grow up so fast?”. The older that you get the more you realize it. You covet it. You pray for more of it. You evaluate how you spend it. 

You’ve Got Mail.

Which leads to my next lesson. How I’ve spent my time. How I’m going to spend it. It is easy for me to fall into the trap the “work never ends” and that my I have to respond to every text, email, and notification that pops up on my phone even after the third time my six-year-old yells “Daddy are you listening?”. My 42nd year will be spent with more time actively listening to real voices than the silent voice of phone notifications.

Relationship Status. 

I have been blessed with so many great relationships in my life now and in the past. Strong relationships with family, mentors, friends, coaches, and players. I’ve learned over several years to value relationship more than almost anything in life and to fight for relationships when they’re broken (when I’ve broken them). “You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people.” 

Matt’s Mission Statement 

Every school or business has a mission statement. If you’d like to learn mine, open your Bible to Matthew 5 thru 7. The Beatitudes. What Would Jesus Do? In 2018, it’s become a meme. Something we use to tease someone with that’s not being kind or making a bad decision. But deep down? It is my mission statement and when I fall off-track or just need to be reminded of what kind of man I should be, I turn to those chapters to guide me. 

Just Do It. Rest. 

The greatest growth in my spiritual life and in my creative/planning life is when I rest. When I quiet my mind and listen. It’s a spiritual cleanse for my mind and body and I always finish it feeling refreshed and recharged to take on my hectic lifestyle. If resting is such a great thing for me, why do I hardly ever do it? Every year I tell myself “Write more. Sit in quiet more. Listen more”. Every year I realize how much I don’t. Just Do It. 

The Gift Of Adventure

My two most prevalent love languages I pour into others with is words of affirmation and gifts. Gifts (usually very small even) are ways for me to show someone that I’m thinking of them and care for them. When I shop for Christmas or birthdays, I don’t want to buy someone a gift card. I want to spend time picking out the perfect thought out gift that makes them smile when they open it. But in my 42nd year and beyond, I want to start giving the gift of adventure in place of a consumer good. I want my family to experience lands and places we see on TV and in books whether its a mile from our home or a long flight away. I want to give them the gift of great and shared memories. 

These are the things these old eyes reflect on as the house is still, late at night. My 42 year (and every year after) will be filled with love, relationship, rest, and adventure and I wish for those same things for you as well. 


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