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Burford N Bowman Jr

August 17, 2019

I follow Coach Lisle on Facebook and really enjoy his posts, so when he announced this book was available for purchase I ordered it right away knowing I would be entertained. What I like most about his posts is that he relates not only as a coach, but as a former player and just as importantly, as a parent. He rarely pushes his own opinions but rather generates posts that allow his readers/followers to take information in and consider it and while his posts are often great reminders about responsibility, working hard and respect for the game being played, and ones’ coaches and teammates, etc.. there is also plenty of humor- which this book definitely provides! My daughter and I both read it and laughed out loud several times. It is a very easy and quick read but super enjoyable (made me glad I never sent a few emails I drafted to coaches in the past -LOL!) What I love most about this book is that the proceeds will be donated to The Base foundation which we applaud! Well done Coach!

Bill L.

September 14, 2019

As a current and former administrator and coach for several sports and organizations, I am not surprised by some of the emails in this book! They are true to what I have experienced and Coach Lisle’s advice for each scenario is spot on! Highly recommended reading for anyone who volunteers their time with youth sports AND keeps an open mind on what is needed to help change the culture of what has become a huge albatross hanging from the necks of youth sports in general.


August 16, 2019

Great book. Good collection of some funny (or not so funny to some) situations when coaching sports today. Makes you smile, shake your head, and even understand. Great pointers on how to best approach, handle or deal with those situations as well.

William Patrick Noonan

August 11, 2019

This was fun, instructive and poignant. Sometimes I laughed at the story. Sometimes Matt’s commentary was extremely helpful, like always. Sometimes the letter written made me sad for the state of Youth sports but it always brought me back to center, knowing there are voices in baseball like Coach Lisle.

Thanks to your Dad, you for getting it to paper and others who got it out to us.

I’ve coached HS or youth baseball since 1984. These stories resonated with me as a coach. But to be honest it was also helpful for some self examination as a parent of three female athletes.

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Matt Lisle

Coach & Author

Why I wrote this book...

It was important for me to write this book not purely as entertainment, but as a cautionary tale for parents and coaches. I also hope you resonate with the “Coach Lisle Commentary” throughout the book. I really do think these moments matter for athletes, parents and coaches.

In fact, most of the emails in my inbox are from parents/coaches asking for advice about really serious stuff. The commentaries and the goal of this book is to equip parents and coaches with some tools to help when they face similar challenges in their journey as a parent in the youth sports landscape.




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The BASE model plays a key role in shifting the national mindset and re-imagining pathways to success for urban youth.

The BASE has served over 8,000 boys and girls on more than 600 teams, competing not only locally but also nationally and internationally — from Florida, Virginia, Nevada and Chicago to Japan and the Dominican Republic.

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