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If you want to bring the #1 clinic in softball to your facility, host us. If you want to be inspired to be a better player, parent or coach, host us. If you’re interested in developing the person just as much as the player, host us. If you want to be a part of the magic that is The Packaged Deal, host us.


Review Workshops

75 minutes

Advanced Hitting

Advanced Hitting Talk will consist of teaching coaches, parents, and players how to become the best hitter possible focusing on swing movements, using tech/data for development, the mental side of hitting, vision/pitch recognition training, drills and Q&A time to help attendees with specific challenges they are facing.

75 minutes

Dream Big Blueprint & Recruiting Workshop

A Recruiting Seminar like you’ve never experienced before. Coach Lisle will help players, parents, and coaches develop an actionable recruiting blueprint with goal setting and a process that will actually help athletes reach their dreams of getting to the next level. With Coach Lisle’s experience coaching at every level of college in both baseball and softball including the SEC in both, Coach Lisle will share everything you need to accomplish those dreams.

75 minutes

Coaches & Leadership Workshop

My coaches & leadership workshop is designed not only for coaches and parents but for athletes that want to be leaders as well.

Topics include:

The VIP Pass

Everything included above plus:

All Ages Welcome BUT the Workshop is designed for Athletes 12 and older (and Coaches/Parents of Athletes 12+)


What Hosts Must Provide

UCSF Memory and Aging Center at Mission Bay. Photo by Steve Babuljak
At minimum, a 10,000 square foot facility
UCSF Memory and Aging Center at Mission Bay. Photo by Steve Babuljak

Fulfill our equipment list

jake-weirick-o9h6KJG52eU-unsplash (1)

4 hotel rooms per each clinic day

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A passion for wanting to grow the game


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