Hand Path to Home Runs: Intro

This set of drills is the most comprehensive set of drills out there for teaching the right hand path to the ball. 

These drills are designed to help hitters swing the bat more efficiently, with more bat speed and to make more consistent contact with power. In this set of drills I address almost every swing path problem that hitters and coaches come across and the drills needed to fix them. 

In the 2013 season, I worked with collegiate softball player Alexa Peterson from the University of Oregon. With these set of drills and focusing on her hand path she went from not just being in the lineup everyday, but was able to capture the Pac-12 Batting Title in the toughest conference in the country and doubled her home runs as well earning her a 1st Team All-American honor. 

If you’re looking to have the swing path of major leaguers like Mike Trout & Buster Posey or softball all-americans like Alexa Peterson this drill series will help you on the hand path to home runs.