Beta Testers Wanted

I’m trying to get some advice and feedback on a new project before building it all out.
If you’re interested, please apply at the bottom of the page.

The Recruiting Process is Broken...

What I Want to Build to Fix It:

The Recruiting Insider will be a no-BS program that gives parents and young athletes an insider look at what really matters in college sports recruiting, and how to leverage social media the right way, so they get recruited today with the best scholarship and college experience possible...

...without traveling to every showcase / tournament / camp, or wasting $3,000+ on a recruiting service.

Here’s what will be included:


Recruiting Accelerator


Coach Interview Vault


“Situationals” FAQ Videos


Private Facebook Community


Weekly Q&A Calls


Recruiting Accelerator

The “insider information” about recruiting, how to do it, what matters and what to avoid with college coaches. This will get you from 0-to-60 ASAP, and is the same information I give in almost 10 hours of 1-on-1 coaching ($2,000 value).

Broken down into 6 modules, with 5 – 7 lessons in each section.  Each lesson includes a 5-20 minute video, MP3 file, and cheatsheet / slides.

Module 1 | Getting Started Right

  1. How coaches actually look at the recruiting process
  2. How to level set your interest and expectations
  3. Division levels and how they recruit athletes differently
  4. Understanding Athletic scholarships
  5. Early recruiting and what it means for you
  6. The importance of grades in the recruiting process

Module 2 | Standing Out & Getting Noticed

  1. Creating a recruiting video that coaches actually want to watch
  2. Leveraging social media the RIGHT way (without being annoying)
  3. Showcases: Myths and Truths
  4. College Camps: Worth it?
  5. Travel ball and tournaments (without the burn out)

Module 3 | Communicating With Coaches

  1. Maintaining Coach Communications Without Being Annoying
  2. Emailing college coaches
  3. Calling college coaches
  4. Texting college coaches
  5. Using your social media accounts for recruiting
  6. What recruiting letters mean and how to respond

Module 4 | Choosing and Closing the Right Deal

  1. Understand different types of scholarship offers
  2. Compare financial aid packages from different schools
  3. Negotiate for your best financial aid package
  4. Application Deadlines

Module 5 | Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

  1. Social media posts
  2. Thinking D1 is the Only 1
  3. Showcase Do’s & Don’ts
  4. Crazy Parents
  5. Not being proactive
  6. Comparing to others
  7. Targeting schools that aren’t a good


Coaches Interview Vault

Our collection of 15-30min exclusive interviews with coaches from every level of college (D1, D2, D3, NAIA), and just about every sport. Sortable by sport and division. Each interview goes in-depth about:

Coaches include:

  • Jimmy Kolaitis, Recruiting Coordinator, Arizona State University (Softball)
  • Nikki Palmer, Head Softball Coach, UC-Riverside
  • Josh Beauregard, Head Baseball Coach, Eckerd College
  • TJ Bruce, Head Baseball Coach, University of Nevada
  • Laura Berg, Head Softball Coach, Oregon State University
  • Courtney Martinez, Recruiting Coordinator, Iowa State University (Softball)


"Situationals" FAQ Video Library

A huge bank of 2-5min videos that answer just about every question regarding specific situations, sortable by sport, topic and age level. Topics include:


Private Facebook Community

A private community of like-minded sports parents and coaches, who want to support, answer questions and help others through the recruitment process.


Weekly Q&A Calls

Want to ask Coach Lisle or other special guests (D1 coaches, top athletes, etc) specific questions or for advice? We do a weekly, hour-long Q&A call that you can get direct access.

All calls are recorded, transcribed and searchable in the members area.

What Will It Cost?

The normal price for the program is $495, but as a beta tester, we need your feedback and testimonials, and want to reward you for them.

The beta tester price is only $249, but we also will ask for feedback on what you like and didn’t like throughout the program, along with a video testimonial if you’re comfortable with that.

We’ll take an initial $50 deposit to hold your spot, then will send for the additional $199 upon course access being given.

Why It's Priced There

Average travel ball cost per year – $7,000 – $20,000
Recruiting Service – $2,000 – $5,000

While both of those can lead to slightly more exposure, you’re just blindly following the same advice and actions that 100,000s of other athletes are also doing to try and stand out. For a much better price and convenience, you can learn what’s really important and what to avoid.

Ready to Apply to be a Beta Tester?