All About That Base: Intro

In my 2nd set of drills, titled All About That Base I am going cover the lower half portion of the swing. 

These drills are designed to help hitters create more power in their swing by engaging their lower half in the same way that Major Leaguers do. These drills will help hitters to get down into their legs, help with hip rotation and delivering more force into the ball. 

There are so many hitters out there that don’t use their lower half very well. I worked with a collegiate softball player this year that in the previous year had 130 AB’s and only 1 HR. Just focusing on engaging her lower half with these drills, in 134 AB’s this year she ended up with leading the conference with 14 HR’s and earning 1st Team All-Conference award. 

If you want to find ways to increase power in your swing, deliver more force into the ball and to just generally hit the ball further this set of drills will give you the results you’re looking for.